HistoryQuest5: Questions to Answer

Be sure to keep the presentation to 5 minutes or less.

Developing your Clues:
When developing your clues try to make sure each one is challenging. The other classes should not be able to determine your history mystery just from hearing one or two clues and not doing any research. For example, if you were presenting a clue for George Washington, you would never want to come out and say "he was the first president of the United States." Also, you would not want to give a clue that the other classes can Google and find in the first few search result descriptions.
Time Period: For HistoryQuest5, your history mystery MUST be from the Beginnings to 1800 time period. See the Standards to gain a better picture of what is included.

History Clues:
Give at least 5 clues in your presentation, using these as suggestions of what information to give.
Somewhere in your presentation, give the following required clue in a creative interesting manner.
1. Which type of history mystery is it? (
person, event, invention, issue/problem or section from a document)

1. What main events in history surrounded this person?
2. Why is he or she familiar to us?
3. Why do, or should we, study about him or her?

1. What is the setting of the event? (North, South, East, or West)
2. What were some causes of the event?
3. Who were some major characters involved in the event?
4. What were some results/outcomes of the event?

1. Give a range of dates for the invention.
2. Give a clue about the immediate or long term impact this invention had on the nation.
3. Give a clue about obstacles or controversy surrounding the invention.
4. Give a clue about background information leading up to the invention. (a need, accidental discovery, etc.)

Issue or Problem

1. What caused this to be an issue or problem?
2. Who or what created or contributed to this issue or problem?
3. What were some actions taken to solve this issue or problem?
4. Give a clue about major characters involved in this issue or problem.
5. Give a clue about this issue or problem's immediate or long term impact on the nation.

Section from Document

1. Give a clue about the creators of the document.

2. Give a clue about the surrounding events inspiring this section of the document.
3. Give a clue about the immediate or long term impact this section of the document had or has on the nation.